Fabrication & Welding

Nielsen's Arc Service has complete fabrication and production capabilities.  The experienced fabrication technicians are trained in manual and automated processed.  This assures the highest quality in repetitive parts and the most common sense approach to unique projects.  The technicians are skilled in procedures for large-part, close tolerance fabrication to conserve material costs and labor hours.


Nielsen's Arc Service has a large complement of both conventional (manual) and CNC machine for batch, single part prototyping, repair and complex parts.  The implementation of our extensive quality control program along with years of experience with complex and difficult parts and processes, make Nielsen's Arc Service the right choice for your large scale and high accuracy projects.

On-Site Field Machining

Parts are sometimes too large to be cost effectively shipped out for repair, or it may simply cost too many labor hours or down time hours to disassemble equipment for in-shop repairs. This is where Nielsen's Arc Service comes into play. There are many machining operations that can be performed at the job-site or at a vendor's facility. We also offer industry-standard, in-place machining services.

Axle Repair

Get back on the road in hours with our mobile spindle replacement service!  A bad spindle or spider plate can keep your trailer down for days.  We replace damaged trailer and drive spindles on vehicles 3/4 ton and up and replace spider plates on heavy-duty trailers.  When you call for a spindle replacement, our service experts conduct a free inspection of the spider plate, then replace only the parts you need.


  • Food and Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Crushers
  • Earth Movers

We repair and maintain every manufacturer and machine type.  Contact us to see how we can get the earth moving for you again.

Our Thoughts

It takes people and technology to boost productivity gains. Our services will help our customers maximize machinery use and reliability, increase production output, improve process and final product quality, reduce operating costs and capital expenditure, enhance worker safety, and reduce energy consumption.