About Us

A Step In The Right Direction

Nielsen's Arc Service mission is to keep the industrial world productive. Nielsen's Arc Service facility offers a machine shop, fabrication and weld shop, and millwright services. Design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance are all services we provide. We are PROUD of what we do for the world! We contribute to the copper wiring in our homes that conveys electricity from turbines that we repair, driven by steam generated from clean water, heated by coal, mined from the earth and transported in huge trucks driven by healthy, well fed miners who go to their warm, comfortable homes, turn on the T.V., and sit down to eat to a dinner of quality fruits, vegetables and meat, grown in the fertile soil of this wonderful free country of ours.

Real Solutions to Real Problems

Nielsen's Arc Service has the skilled craftsmen and the right tools to do the job. Mechanical equipment will eventually require service and Nielsen's Arc Service is the company that combines high tech with large and heavy capabilities to provide those services. Services include prevention to total rebuild of any mechanical equipment.